v1.5.1 - Overheated Hotfix

v1.5 - Overheated

v1.4.2 - (Not So) Set In Stone

v1.4.1 - Rosetta's Wares

v1.4 - Journey's Beginning

Crystal Hollows items and more!

v1.3.2 - v1.3's Loose Ends, Pets, and some SB UI

Motor's name for this update sucked, so it's different here

v1.3.1 - Voidgloom Twilight

v1.3 - The Update that Textured Everything*

v1.2.6 - La Resistance

v1.2.5 - T5 Revs + Spider's Den items

v1.69 - April Fools!

v1.2.4 - Wither Swords Redux

v1.2.3 - Mod UIs

Yes, 99% of the SB mods you can name are textured here

v1.2.2 - Dwarven Mines and Internal Rewrite

v1.1 - someone was too lazy to give it a title


v0.2 - F7 and Jacob Events